Life at Motherwell Schools

Welcome to our Life at Motherwell section, I do hope it gives you a feel for our school.

Motherwell is a modern international school with a unique approach to life both primary and nursery schools. We have two wonderful campuses one for the nursery section known as Motherwell Joyous Angels, and the other for the primary section handling classes P.1 – P.7. The school has been in existence since 2012 and has exciting programs both academic and nonacademic. We have excellent facilities both inside and outdoors.

We pride ourselves in aiming for academic excellence, but also place high importance in developing the whole child through an exciting and engaging curriculum.

In this section you will learn about; pastoral care, houses and clubs, extra-curricular activities, dress code, our classrooms and much more. Feel free to come and visit us physically at our school. The gates are open at all times for you.

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Motherwell Schools


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